My most useful tips

You can save a lot of time and money by doing a little research first. The internet these days can have a ton of quick useful information. You can literally google anything! I also have a pile of extremely trustworthy and helpful books. If you just start willy-nilly doing things with no plan, your going to run out of time, money and motivation extremely quick

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself frugal or a minimalist but I am always searching for a good deal. I rarely pay full price for things! I use FB marketplace/craigslist to buy things second hand. For larger purchases, we buy quite a bit from K-Bid (online auctions). Food wise – we buy in bulk and preserve – see next point

Cooking is one of my biggest tasks because I can’t usually enlist the help of others. Providing high quality, nutritious food is so important to me that I make this a priority. My biggest time savers are
1. Food Prepping on the days I have down time
2. Planning a menu and using grocery pick up (also a huge $ saver)
3. Buy food in bulk – cost savings. We love local farmers and Azure
4. Canning and freezing

Seriously. Right now 😉 One of the best things I did for myself and my goals was no longer caring about other peoples opinions. Respectfully, I do what I want and what makes me happy. Don’t fall into the trap of the IG/Hollywood world of “homesteading for show” is what I call it. Homestead on purpose – who cares what it looks like if it works! You’re always going to run into nay-sayers and someone who can do it bigger and better but as long as its making you happy and is good for your family, really that’s all that matters

My husband and I do most things ourselves. We’ve only hired someone to pour concrete in all of our projects. Be creative with your time, plan your day based around your kids schedules. Nap times are GO TIME, we get up early and go to bed after the kids. Staying organized is extremely helpful time management skill so when you set out to do something, you can just do it. I know this sounds like a no brainer but it’s worth noting.

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