About me

Hello Hello!
I am so happy our paths have crossed!

I’m Erica, mom of 3 incredible boys and wife to Reed, who so selfishly
joins in on all of my wild ideas!

We met in 2012, married in 2013, had our first son in 2016 and moved to our dream homestead in 2017. When we met; I thought he was just a country boy that lives in the sticks, doesn’t drive on the highway, never wants to travel and wouldn’t eat sushi to save his soul. I wanted nothing more than to live smack dab in the middle of the city, staying hip with all the current happenings but thought I’d give him a shot. I quickly found myself not traveling on the highway as much and finding the sound of wind through a cornfield rather soothing. I moved in with my now husband and we lived in a small quaint town, in an old farmhouse on a postage stamp lawn.

As our family started and our home began to bust at the seams, we stumbled upon a foreclosure property – 30 miles more west with more corn fields. It was run down and needed a lot of work but Reed swore the land and the 1902 in-tact farmhouse was worth the work. Although it was very hard for me to imagine, as a new mom with a 4 month old, I agreed to move to the country but swore I wasn’t changing my ways (because I’m more stubborn than a mule) 

We moved to 10 acres in an even smaller town and I’ve evolved into a completely different person (don’t worry, I’m still stubborn) but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I am more self aware, the “things” don’t matter so much as the memories and if I can make it myself, I do! We now have 3 boys (and counting), 6+8+12+9 chickens (cause chicken math is real) and living a life we could only have dreamed of! We rely less on our society yet try to enrich it in any way we can!  

The days are long and the years are short. We prefer to do it ourselves and we always find a way. We are self taught and our abilities compliment each other. If we don’t know it, we learn it! We laugh, cry, get mad and love like crazy! Jesus is our savior and we are beyond blessed with the path God has chosen for our life! 

I am so glad you are here! I hope you’re able to find something of value, something to learn from or just simply something to spark your curiosity! My inbox is always open if you’d like to reach out. I’m by no means perfect and I don’t nearly even know half of it but I’m happy to help where I can! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our latest’s wild and crazy ideas and projects! 

Many Blessings to you – Erica

“So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three;
but the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians
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