Chicken egg color by breed

My biggest regret with my first flock

Was not doing more research on chicken breeds and the color of eggs they lay. Don’t make the same mistake – chicken math is real but at some point you can only have so many. I put this guide together to help you determine the chicken egg color by breed

chicken egg color variety basket
Best Choice overall

Not just the color

There is SO MUCH more to choosing a breed of chicken other that egg color but this page is just specifically on the color. I highly recommend researching all aspects of chickens first. Here is a very helpful page

Egg Colors and breeds

Different breeds of chickens lay different colored eggs.

You can purchase pure breed chickens that will lay colored eggs. You can also achieve this by crossbreeding. The chart shows a few breeds that are good for the different color eggs.

There are obviously many more breeds but this is a good list to get started with. You can also cross breed chickens if you are looking to hatch your own. Cross breeding is very simple, especially if you know what color egg each chicken lays. You can read more about cross breeding here

Note on purchasing chickens. If you are adamant on getting the exact breed and color, I highly recommend going through a hatchery versus buying them from a source that doesn’t come with a guarantee. I learned this the hard way myself.




Black Copper Maran


Cream Legbar


Olive Egger
Easter Egger


Easter Egger
Light sussex
Plymouth Rock


Cuckoo Maran


You can also cross breed your chickens if you are able and willing to hatch them on your own. Hatching chickens is relatively simple. I go more in detail in my blog but in regards to egg color, here’s a handy chart

chart to chossbreeding chickens for egg color
egg color breeding chart

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